No more cable when answer phone call or listen to music
With high technology, connected mobile phone with Wireless tools – Bluetooth Headset

Product Review:
Brand: Pisen
Model: LE001+
Weigh: 10g
Bluetooth version: 4.0
Transmission distance: 10M


1.) Using the DSP intelligent noise reduction function

This Bluetooth headset LE001+ is using DSP intelligent noise reduction function. From the testing, the result showed that the conversation in phone is relatively clear and able to talk in the complex environment compared with non-intelligent noise reduction function. In another words, this Bluetooth headset can help you reach better call quality.

Call interface can choose with few method

2. Using Standard Bluetooth 4.0

Pisen Bluetooth Headset LE001+ using the latest technology - Standard Bluetooth 4.0. The features of the Bluetooth 4.0 are super-power, low operating and standby power consumption, its will extend the Bluetooth headset’s talk time and standby time. The talk time of Bluetooth Headset LE001+ approximately 8 hours and the standby time is about 100 hours. After a day of testing (included calls and listen music) there is still a lot of electricity after spend about 3-4 hours. 

3. support A2DP protocol, support music playing

Bluetooth Headset LE001+ is support A2DP, in another words, only this protocol allow to play music. This user-friendly function can allow you to play music anywhere anytime.

4.Piano paint and stylish design

Compact body design, easy to carry. Piano paint used to show its stylish and simplicity.

5. Support more than 99% of the smart Bluetooth device.

For example: it can support iPhone series, Samsung and other Bluetooth device.

6. Chinese voice prompts function

This function of the Bluetooth Headset LE001+ is very humane, there will have voice prompts when start-up and shutdown, Bluetooth pairing compare with other Bluetooth headset which only rely on color or tone to identify operation function. Therefore, the special of this function is the headset will automatically report the telephone number when there have incoming call.

7. Display power strip on the handphone screen

This function will show the Bluetooth headset battery usage in your handphone screen

8. Multi-point connection

This Bluetooth can support two handphone connected together at the same time. This function suitable for the people those have two mobile phone (Eg: one handphone use for listen to music and another use for answer incoming call)

9. Easy to Charge

It’s easy to charge with using Power Bank such as Easy Power, High Power and computer

Evaluation Summary
The Bluetooth headset will automatically voice prompts when disconnected, and it will connected automatically when device is ready. From the test, we found that there have a humane design which the headset will shut down automatically within 5 minutes when it disconnected.