SKU: 6948391225272
Weight: 0.1500kg
RM 39.99
Brand HP HP
HP Wireless Model S1500
Package Type Official standard
Production Enterprises HP
Color classification Magic Black ★ Mute Version ★2.4g Wireless-class skin material Ultramarine Blue ★ Mute Version ★2.4g Wireless-Class skin Material Green 
★ Mute Version ★2.4g Wireless-class skin Material cherry Red ★ Mute version ★2.4g Wireless-type skin material
Wireless distance 10m
Battery model Battery number 5th.
Wireless technology 2.4GHz
Working mode Photoelectric
Number of keys 3 of
Optical resolution 1600dpi
Number of rollers $number
Support Ergonomics Support